Download ClashBot 7.9 Official 1665

Bug Fixes/Improvements : 
  • Improved Deadbase Detectoin 
  • Fixed "can't find def" errors 
  • Fixed Smart Donation Fixed end battle if no resource change and star 
  • Fixed Zooming ut errors Another fix for '1' getting added to beginning of upgrade prices 
  • Fixed log-in issues 
  • Wall upgrading overhaul: lots of performance improvements, and elixir upgrades should work properly now 
  • Play custom sound when base is found 
  • Fixed four finger troop order 
  • Fix for dark barracks not training when regular barracks is upgrading 
  • Speed/stability improvements 
  • "Return home after x bases" only returns home when your camps aren't full
Release 7.9 Contains:  
  • Works with TH11 Update 
  • New deadbase detection with added improvement for lower level players! 
  • Bot can now successfully zoom out and scroll to fit the new base size!
  • Spell Training Added! 
  • Spell Donating Added! Brand New, Very Fast Authentication System Grand Warden can be boosted and used during attacks! 
  • Added "Upon Finding a Base.." options in the Misc tab with new "Stop bot when base is found" option 
  • Added ability to save, load and share all of your settings with a file 
  • Added All Attack Algorithms for Normal Bases 
  • Added New 'Storages' Attack Algorithm 
  • Added Support for new BlueStacks Messages and Break Handling 
  • Heroes Get Activated Before a Surrender/End Battle to save health 
  • Force Attack button attacks the current base instead of the next one (can be used with Base Skip Delay to provide extra time to hit the button)
Download: Click Here
Password: Click Here

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